Thursday, May 31, 2012

What am I doing to help the poor?

What am I doing to help the poor? I say and think that I love the poor so much, but I do nothing to help them, so my love is just a feeling with no action behind it. There was a woman here at the restaurant who had turned in an application to work but had not heard back from the employer manager in a long time. She was getting the runaround. I wanted to give her $20, but I didn't know how. I missed a beautiful opportunity. My heart is sad.

Jesus said, the poor you have always with you. That, to me, means there is an opportunity to do good and minister to anyone who is poor anywhere, at any time. Poverty is the opportunity to show the love of God. It is an open door to minister. Without poverty and need, very few, if any would seek God. They would find their fulfillment in their success. But failure it is that makes us cry out to God for help.

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