Monday, June 4, 2012

Advice from Lawyer to Young Man Forgiven of Crime

Actual advice from a lawyer to a young man forgiven of possession with intent to distribute:

Agreement with court:
1. Complete substance abuse program.
2. 12 hours of community service.
3. Proof of employment and school.
4. Random drug testing.
5. Pay court costs.

The police know everything about you. They can track anything you do. They have been tracking everything you do. Your friends are ratting you out. Get your head out of your butt. They have bugs in your friends. The law doesn't give a damn. Stay in school. Get employed. Quit doing stupid stuff. You have a future. You are right on the cusp (edge). Once you get a felony, it's all over. A felony on your record will destroy your economic future, you got to understand. You can harm yourself forever with stupid choices. Nobody else is going to give you a second chance once you have a criminal count against you. This stays on the books at NCIC but not on public records. Every time they stop you in a car now, they are going to search the car every time. You are in a risky position.

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