Saturday, June 2, 2012

Release the Unlimited Potential of Imagination!

Build First in Your Imagination Where there Are No Preconceptions and No Limits - Do Not Start Building in the Limited Physical World First - Release the Unlimited Potential of Imagination!

There is nothing the mind can't imagine in it's perfect state. Your mind knows the answers but you have to give it permission to create the perfect solution. When you close your eyes and ask it for a perfect vision, it will give it to you, many times in a flash. It knows what it is doing but you are always doubting it's powers and ability. Stop doubting and start believing that there is an answer to every problem.

The human mind does not have to overcome any physical limitations. There are no limits. You can do anything in imagination first. Let the details work themselves out in the physical world after the vision is created and captured. So very few see the perfect state in their mind first. Almost all start in the physical (limited) world first. This is the way to kill any idea from getting through from your imagination to reality. The idea comes first, not any other thing! See the design first in full color, then build it. Do not build first and see what could have been later. The mind has no limitations but it has no power to invent if it is ignored.

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